December 7, 2016

Alphabetical Sorting Through Mysql Query

Alphabetical Through Mysql Alphabetical Through Mysql order is mostly used at two places. 1) Displaying your results in a particular order say we want to list of result starting with letter ‘A’. 2) Sorting the results based on the alphabets i.e ‘A to Z’. For achieving first objective we have to write sql query in [...]

Frequently Used PHP Interview Questions

1) What is PHP? PHP is a web language based on scripts that allows developers to dynamically create generated web pages. 2) What does the initials of PHP stand for? PHP means PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. 3) Which programming language does PHP resemble to? PHP syntax resembles Perl and C 4) What does PEAR stands for? [...]

What Are Your Pet Peeves?

When interviewer asks you “what are your pet peeves?” answer this interview question with all your conscious. As your answer helps to know about your character and to judge if you can fit in company working culture. If you`re not aware what is pet peeve , here it`s definition an opportunity for complaint that is [...]

What Are You Passionate About and Why?

In job interview you will be asked this question, what`s your passion? Now don`t think that you must highlight your job passion. Passion can be anything, and need not be your work. But see that your passion don`t seem to affect your job. Open up yourself and be as clear as you can. Be ready [...]

What was Your Greatest Disappointment

What was Your Greatest Disappointment?

What was your greatest disappointment in your life? This interview question will helps interviewer to know about your way of facing problems. Interviewer wants to know according to you what is a problem? So don`t give simple reasons that made you disappointed, when you read this interview question you see that it has been asked [...]

What are the Most Difficult Decisions for You to Make?

This is behavioral interview question. There is nothing like you can copy it from anywhere. This is your personal experience with the job. When interviewer asks you “what are the most difficult decisions for you to make?” from this she/he wants to know your way of problem solving. So share the situation which can show [...]

What Are Your Salary Expectations?

This questions comes at the end of the interview normally. By asking you “What are your salary expectations?” Interview wants to know about your package and how much they are ready to pay. Don`t be in a wrong impression that you`re selected so she/he is asking you this question. Actually interviewer wants to judge your [...]

Are You a Self Motivator?

Are you self motivator? Yes I am. This simple answer is not going to help you out to get the job. In this interview question you need to convince recruiter that how you`re motivation can help the company. Which is very important for the company at the time of crisis. So don`t take it too [...]